Take Control of Your Bills

Paying Bills is a Fact of Life. Using outdated methods to pay them is not.
Evolve Money easily integrates one of your least favorite tasks into your connected, on-the-go lifestyle.
Just one app pays all of your bills, free-of-charge, as fast as you want, from any device.
Now that’s evolution.


Free standard payments delivered in two days or less. Same-Day payments, including weekends and holidays, for only $1.50.


Evolve Money simplifies your life with all of your bills in one place with just one account… one user-name, one password.


Easy-to-use on any device. Pay bills from your iOS or Android smartphone, computer, tablet or even your new phablet!


Pay with cash, Visa and MasterCard debit cards, and pre-paid cards. Read more about cash payments Here.