evolve money adds payment options

If you’re like the average American you own more than two credit cards. Put them to good use by paying your bills. Evolve Money now accepts MasterCard®, VISA® and Discover® credit and debit cards.
Pay any of Evolve Money’s 12,000 service providers, even those that do not accept credit cards directly.

Utilities, insurance, phone, loans — there are no restrictions on the types of bills you can pay. Details on all of our payment options can be found here.

More Payment Flexibility with Increased Limits

To help pay those bills with higher balances, such as mortgages, we’ve raised the single payment limit to $2,999 when paying with credit or debit cards. In addition, you can now make up to 4 payments by card per month on a single bill. As always, you can make as many payments as you like by cash. Learn more here.

With major credit cards, debit cards and cash, Evolve Money gives you more ways than ever to pay your bills. We’ve got much more to come this spring so stay tuned.

Pay all your bills from just one app.