You’ve made a lot of suggestions on how to improve Evolve Money, and we’ve been listening. So we’re excited to announce the new look of Evolve Money. With this major update, we’ve rolled out a lot of key changes with one main goal: make Evolve Money easier for you to use. You’ll see the changes on both the Evolve Money Android and iPhone apps as well as the online version. Here’s what’s new.

Everything on one screen

The previous version of Evolve Money required some clicking to get where you wanted to go. But we’ve changed that by putting everything on one screen. Before you worry if the new version will be too cluttered, check this out. Rather than clicking “Next” and “Back” to get around, we’ve eliminated these screens altogether. Now you can simply take care of your tasks on a single page. paying-step 2 computer When scheduling payments, selecting a date is easier too. Evolve Money will simply assume you want to pay today. And if you don’t? The new calendar popup makes it easier to pick a date in the future instead. paying step 1a

Search for payees from home screen

We’ve made biller searching a much smoother process. Instead of having to click to a whole new page, we’ve put the search on the home screen. You can find it easily and access it right there. adding step 2

Confirmation your payment is submitted

We also heard from users was that it wasn’t always clear that the payment was received and on its way to cover your bill. So we added a few things to reassure you that your payment will be sent when you want it. Now, when you send a payment you’ll see a “payment confirmation” box pop up to let you know that we’ve received your request. With the new Evolve Money, it’s easier to track scheduled payments you’ve already set up. The new interface shows payments in a more organized fashion. Go ahead and edit the bill using the pencil icon or cancel these payments, if needed. WEB-paying_step3

Real-time pricing

When setting up a payment with the old version of Evolve Money, calculating the total cost was a bit confusing. The payment values didn’t always update when you wanted them to. To fix this, we enabled real-time updates on this screen. Now, whenever you make changes, you’ll instantly see corresponding changes in amounts so you know your total costs.

Still has all the same great features you love

The new look of Evolve Money doesn’t change a thing when it comes to your favorite features. This means you still can:

  • Pay bills for over 12,000 service providers (plus we’re adding more all the time)
  • Schedule bills up to 45 days into the future
  • Pay with Discover®, VISA® and MasterCard® credit and debit cards, plus cash
  • Have payments delivered in two days or less with same-day payments for select billers

We hope you enjoy this new version of Evolve Money. Have questions or feedback? Go ahead and let us know at That’s all for now, but not for long. We’re still working on many other exciting updates, so stay tuned for exciting new features coming soon!

Pay all your bills from just one app.