If there’s one day you think about saving energy, it’s probably Earth Day. But saving energy often means sacrificing something—in many cases, convenience or even money. Going green by buying a hybrid car or using new technology, for example, can save money in the long run, despite high upfront costs for these and other energy-saving options. […]

Festivals cost a ton of money. Just look at the cost of Burning Man, which comes in at well over the $1,300 we added up for a partial list of the expenses. But the reason for the high costs of these festivals (and how attendees justify the expense) is that many result in once-in-a-lifetime experiences. […]

It probably goes without say that raising kids is expensive and takes a lot of work. But the costs might be greater than you think. The US Department of Agriculture says that raising a child born in 2013 until he or she reaches 18 will cost you roughly $245,000. But that gets them just to 18. […]

Led by the popularity of the Nest Smart Thermostat, today’s connected home looks remarkably like a thing of the future. But is this technology ready for the mainstream? While some of the following connected devices are certainly cool and useful, many come with a price tag that makes you wonder whether it’s actually worth it. Though […]