It probably goes without say that raising kids is expensive and takes a lot of work. But the costs might be greater than you think. The US Department of Agriculture says that raising a child born in 2013 until he or she reaches 18 will cost you roughly $245,000. But that gets them just to 18. […]

Led by the popularity of the Nest Smart Thermostat, today’s connected home looks remarkably like a thing of the future. But is this technology ready for the mainstream? While some of the following connected devices are certainly cool and useful, many come with a price tag that makes you wonder whether it’s actually worth it. Though […]

According to a 2012 American Community Survey, 2.6 percent of U.S. employees consider their home their primary place of work. That’s nearly an 80 percent increase in the number of workers who telecommuted in 2005—and this doesn’t include those who are self-employed. While studies suggest that working from home can increase productivity, working from a home […]

You’ve probably heard about the usual ways for saving energy. Some energy savers such as programmable thermostats and compact fluorescent bulbs are relatively new on the market. Yet, despite their recentness, these devices may have already become obsolete. Thanks to newer technology, you can start saving even more on utility bills and energy costs. This is especially […]