Evolve Money Security Statement

As a leader in the bill payment services industry, PreCash has a responsibility to ensure that our products and services meet all applicable regulatory and non-regulatory requirements to protect our clients, partners, and consumers from harm through electronic theft of information.

Evolve Money is an online and mobile bill payment service developed and owned by PreCash. Evolve Money is committed to handling your sensitive card data with the highest quality of security to provide you with safe and reliable bill payment services.

Safeguarding your Payments

  • All PreCash facilities require access credentials and are physically secured from unauthorized access
  • No unauthorized person can enter a PreCash facility without either a card-key access badge or be escorted by a PreCash employee
  • Access credentials to PreCash facilities are tightly managed
  • Remote access is controlled through a combination of whitelisting IP addresses, digital certificates, intrusion prevention and detection, and user authentication
  • Non-public personal information is encrypted during both transit and rest states

Security of your Sensitive Card Data

  • Physical and Logical access to systems that handle sensitive information are restricted to a limited population of employees that possess the required access credentials
  • Data requiring the strictest security are tokenized and stored in segmented environments to ensure further access limitations